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The first memory that popped into my head is unfortunately quite incriminating. I was realizing something that Grandpa and I had in common, a big sweet tooth. However, the incriminating part of the memory would be the multiple times that Grandpa caught me stealing from his delicious candy stash that he had in his bureau. Although I thought I was pretty clever by "fluffing" up the remaining candy to make it look as though it hadn't been touched, I wasn't as clever as Grandpa's keen instinct! It's funny how he never seemed terribly mad at me; he just let my own guilt teach me a lesson...over and over and over again! Eventually I figured out that I could just ask him for a piece; because, truth be told, he really didn't bite (even though I truly think he wanted us to believe that he did). There are so many other memories I will hold on to, from his delicious meals to fun in good old Mary Point. I will never forget all of the great fun and adventurous opportunities that he gifted me with. Grandpa's sense of humor and genuine interest in others certainly touched my life.